About EmzOLV & XStitchNerdism

I’m going to try and keep this short; for if you’ve met or read my blogs before, you’ll know how much I ramble!

I’m Emz or EmzOLV. It’s a username I’ve had since forever and comes from a time where I ran a live events promotions company called One Less Vigilante. We used to put on some awesome bands at local rock venues. It was pretty cool. Anyway, the name stuck, and now everyone gets moderately confused… so call me Emz.

I’m probably best known for taking on a gigantic cross stitching project for the original start screen from the SNES game Super Mario Bros 2: Yoshi’s Island.

This blog primarily focuses on all of my current work in process and completed stitching projects and is the result of seemingly outgrowing my prior Tumblr account ‘XStitchNerdism’. I loved Tumblr as it was really dynamic for photographs and all sorts. Hopefully we can still sort of connect the two up and I hope you’ve all found your way over here through some sort of social media connection. I’ve uploaded all the prior Tumblr posts to this blog already, in the hope that this will provide some previous content for you to review through!

Outside of my stitching adventures, I am a Twitch broadcaster (I stream both stitching and creative, as well as gameplay) and I’m a menance on Twitter. I work full time in the games industry which is incredible fun and also very hectic – but I’d never change a thing!

There may be one or two posts on here which relate to ‘Emz’ as a whole rather than specifically stitching, but it’ll be primarily stitch related goodies. I can’t wait to hopefully expand on the types of posts we were blogging, moving on from just work in progress picture updates, to reviews and ideas, maybe some equipment and tool reviews. It should be great fun! I hope you will join me.


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