Completed Project: FFXII Fran Embroidery

Hi all! Once again, a huge thanks for putting up with my sporadic blog entries on this formal blog – I had originally posted this Fran / FFXII design on Tumblr and social media as a quick post (because I wanted to post it the day that the FFXII TZA was released in celebration) and it has done… so well. Absolutely insanely well, I can’t even handle it haha. Thank you everyone for being so kind and all the lovely kind words you’ve had to say.

I didn’t take many WIP photos of this because it was quite the rush (as my friend Lauren will say, who was my kind motivator throughout!) So here are just a couple of the ones I did take for posting on social media. Seeing as not yet on this blog, it seemed appropriate! Next time I promise I’ll take more WIPs (as they’re my favourite kind of photos, seeing it all come to life).


I would love to give a huge thanks as well to ShadowMeowth who is an artist on Tumblr, who actually painted and drew the original Fran fanart that this is based off of (and is pretty much an attempt at being a black outline version of, but I’m not that talented). She does the most amazing FF fanart (and some other fanart) and I highly recommend checking out her tumblr. Very kind, lovely person ❤

I’ve recently managed to get a bit more on track with my ‘stitching to do’ list – which is looking super long! I’ll be working on these as soon as I get my motivation up:

  • Cross stitch words for my friend Ellie
  • Cross stitch icon for my friend Dave
  • Yoshi Island needs a big update
  • Complete EmzOLV community map
  • Complete West Highland White Terrier (I’ve actually done a huge chunk of this but not done an update on here so will try and do this very soon when I take photos)
  • I may still finish off the other FFXII cross stitch I’d started (I’d stopped as the colour was slightly off but might still finish it)
  • Other secret cross stitches

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Let me know, maybe we can spread the stitching motivational love!


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