Completed Project: D.Va (Overwatch) Symbol

Hi All! Again, another sporadic and late update from myself; apologies! I have just been focusing on myself for a bit – ensuring I split my work time, my stream time and my personal time in a way that doesn’t leave me exhausted. We all need to look after ourselves sometime 🙂 (This was also supposed to schedule post for two weeks ago but I didn’t set it up properly. Oops) 

Anyway, I’ve still been stitching away – primarily on the West Highland White Terrier kit for my mum – but also on a few little projects. This blog update is to pay homage to and love for this D.Va Symbol (from Overwatch) which I made for the lovely Kintinue.

As you may have already seen from this blog post here, I’ve already done one of the symbols in the Overwatch game, Sombra, which was for my lovely friend Matt Adkins. This second one is Kintinue’s favourite character and it was such a lovely fun thing to do and I hope she loves it as much as I loved making it.

I didn’t take too many in progress photos, but I did include the original image I took this from – the pattern I made using grid paper as I’ve run out of all the free trials of everything. It was great fun to feel like I’m getting more hands on again, I hate being at a PC constantly for everything. It was nice to give it a good sketch and I felt that perhaps it is a better design than I would have done on the PC as I at least managed to get a decent oval/circle going on. It could be improved – but for a good try and for a hobby, it’s pretty wonderful to me.

These are just in a random order and some in a different light. I do really feel like we caught that quirky, slightly cheeky evil grin of the bunny and although the circle of pink around could have been improved, for my first proper circle, I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s something for me to focus on and try to improve in the future 🙂

As for other updates, I’ve done a nice big chunk of the Westie now so that will be coming soon – as should be another Yoshi Island update. I’ve also been stitching more names for the EmzOLV Twitch Community map which I can’t wait to sew on properly and really make it something special. So there are a lot of updates to come, just I need to sit down and actually write it all down!

Don’t forget, I’m quite active on my Twitter and sometimes broadcast creative (although I am going from a games phase) on my Twitch channel. You can always ask me any questions via this website (or send me any ideas or suggestions or comments, always just so  happy to chat to folks).

Until the next update, have a fantastic one!



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