Completed Project: Sombra (Overwatch) Symbol

It’s been yet another busy few months and apologies that this is the first proper blog for two months! I can’t believe I left it this long, I am so sorry!

There has been a lot going on and I took some much needed time off over Christmas, although I did do more work on my West Highland White Terrier stitch for my mum, as well as the Yoshi Island design (both of these will have updates soon!).

Until then, I wanted to properly blog and publish the photos for my little mini gift I made for a friend (the lovely Twitch caster ESL_TacticalKoala who you can find on Twitch and Twitter) of their favourite Overwatch character, Sombra! Now if I could and had all the time in the world; such as if I could work on it every day for 8 hours, it would have been super bad ass to have actually stitched the character herself. But I could not – not with the limited time I have for my hobby. Insert all the sad face emojis here.

So instead, we took her symbol and made it into stitch format! I actually designed this in Excel (my free chart software trial ran out and I’m too stubborn) which went really well I think! The only issue I did find was because of the cost of black linen, I bought black aida and well; you know the issues that are going to come up from that, including not being able to really triangulate the flares around the eye sockets. But – for a first attempt and for a fan, this came out really well and they seem to be very happy, so I’m happy!

So here are some lovely pictures for you all ❤

I hope you guys enjoy this cross stitch design and I hope that you share your Overwatch stitches (should you have any) either to me in the comments here or on social media! I’d love to see them.

I’m looking at doing one more of these at least for another friend of mine who spotted this and loved it – so hopefully another one in this series to appear on the blog soon!

Sorry for this short update, but more will come soon as I’ve been super hard at work with current projects ❤ feel free to come and chat with me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


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