Work In Progress Update: Yoshi Island!

Hello once again, lovely blog readers and Tumblr friends! I hope you are doing well on this run up to Christmas and the wintery season!

A very quick update before we go head first into all the changes and updates to Yoshi Island cross stitch project:

  • The metallic thread review/article is still in progress; it is just taking a lot longer for me to stitch the tester pieces than originally planned!
  • The DMC West Highland White Terrier kit is also still being worked on, I’d probably say almost 50% of the way done now – but I don’t know whether I’ll have the spare time to get it done before gifting it for Christmas (insert sad face here).
  • The cross stitch map representing the EmzOLV Twitch community has started, we started broadcasting the creation of all the username tags that we’re going to add to the main cross stitch map when we have them all done (then we can work out logistically who can go where)
  • Sailor Moon stitch-a-long has officially finished, but I’ve not finished adding all the Kreinik in the outlines – I’ll do an update blog on this as and when completed showing the final design. 8BitStitch has moved on to a Harry Potter Stitch-a-long which is currently happening, if anyone is interested!
  • And everything else I’ve forgotten is on the back burner whilst all the above happen.

Okay, so now that we’ve done that little bit of housekeeping, let’s have a look at where we are at with Yoshi Island cross stitch project!! This project has been going on now for quite some time (approximately just over a year, estimated maybe about 50 hours or so work done so far)

The light in the photo is slightly odd, so apologies (it’s usually a lot whiter, the aida is white, etc just unfortunately the room I took the photo in was quite yellow/creamy!)


As you can see, we’ve managed to get a lot further with the sea (although not entirely as far as we had hoped or planned). Below I’ve included the last photograph of the piece prior to this blog, so you can really see the difference:

Comparing the two, we really have done quite a bit! Sometimes I do wish that I had more hours in the day, that way I could not only do my full on job, but I could do streaming and play games, AND finish more of this. But hey, it’s all about compromise and the fact that we’ve managed to get this far and we’ve done quite a bit, is all good in my book.

So, from top left anti-clockwise:

  • Addition of the Y and black outline in the headline title
  • Sky blue added (forming clouds)
  • Black outline around the trees on the island (left side), plus completion of trees, plus completion of additional tower
  • Further work on the beach around the lower left hand side of the island
  • Additional waves stitched into main ocean
  • More blue ocean squares completed
  • Completion of additional blue shades within the lakes on the island
  • Removal of original ocean blue ‘marker’
  • Black outline of pine trees on right hand side of island
  • Black outline of red tower
  • More green grass added to right hand side of island
  • Green grass added (appears just above mountains) representing the back side of the island
  • Horizon ocean blues and waves shades added (under Nintendo)

So we have done a lot more than we think we have! Which is amazing!

So from this point onwards, here’s my general ‘next’ actions:

  • Further work on the ocean blue (I seemingly have lost two skeins worth of 797 somewhere, which I’m on the hunt for, but this is why not much more progress has happened)
  • More work on the sea (waves, or dark ocean blue) on the right hand side of the piece which is definitely feeling un-loved
  • More sky blue to be added (But this I might wait until I can add more black outline around the current orange title, just because I don’t want to miscount as there is so much)

I hope you guys all enjoy this relatively concise update and hope to see you all around very soon! If anyone has any questions about cross stitching or the projects I’m doing, feel free to pop by one of my Twitch streams and ask, or feel free to Ask Me Anything on this website!

Ref: Yoshi Island Cross Stitch Pattern created by ServoStitches


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