Completed Project: Hitman Barcode (& Update)

Hi all! It has indeed been a long time since we’ve had any form of blog update on here and for that I can only apologise. I have been working hard in the background, but real life came along and smacked a giant frying pan into my face (not physically, but… metaphorically).

If you remember a few months back we completed a cross stitch kit which featured a sick cat with the slogan ‘Don’t Let It Beat You’ for my Aunt who was suffering from cancer. The blog is here if you wish to re-read! Unfortunately, the time came on the 4th October where my Aunt lost her battle and has found peace. So I’ve been spending time with family and coming to terms with grief. I hope you all understand ❤

So as I was saying, I have been busy starting up projects and trying to get into a position where I can post a few more blogs. As a very brief update:

  • Purchasing more metallic threads for the biggest article ever (it’s costing me a fortune so I have to do it in batches)
  • Yoshi Island has had more blue put in
  • Sailor Moon Stitch-a-long is in progress, but is behind the live schedule
  • Westie for Mum’s Christmas present has been put on hold as she always seems to be around when I have time and it’s a surprise (can’t stitch it in front of her!)
  • Cross stitch map is still waiting for a few more signatures and a formal date I’ll be livestreaming the names being added on – this will be announced soon

And additionally, I’ve been working on a few secret projects, including this one! I am so very, very hyped to be able to create this and to stitch this for one of my favourite Developers, IO-Interactive. If you are a big gaming nerd like myself, you’ll know of them from the Hitman franchise, currently with the latest title being released in tense episodic portions.

I loved the original Hitman franchise from the early 00’s, and more recently I was beyond obsessed with Hitman: Absolution. In fact, it was a game I reviewed back when I was writing for The Games Diary (the link to that review is here). I was also super lucky to be part of #15YearsOfHitman and livestreamed Hitman: Absolution. It truly is a fun, entertaining game; which to me, is the utmost key factor in any game I buy. It has to be fun.

So I wanted to do something special for IO-Interactive outside of simply purchasing and broadcasting their games (I’ve not streamed in 2 months, but hey, I guess that would have been some form of benefit, right?). I always want to do something special for any game that I fall in love with, but usually I’m unable to because I can’t quite make a pattern, or I can’t find something that would be awesome enough for me to make creatively.

With Hitman however, there is a very real possibility of making something creative and physical from the slogans and logos of the game. I decided to take the very significant Hitman barcode and re-create it into a cross stitch form. It didn’t come out too badly in the end!


Here’s more completed photos!


I’m quite proud of this little homage and I do hope that IO-Interactive enjoy the piece (which has arrived at their offices, so yay!).

So until next time, I hope you enjoy this little nerdy piece of heaven, enjoy some of the new episode (and now full collection of all the episodes) of Hitman and I will be back soon with more updates for you!


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