Work in Progress Update: Westie!

So I kept saying for months and months that I’ve been working on this and I kept promising to update the blog with some WIP photos, so I’m now finally getting round to doing it. FINALLY. And it’s almost nearing completion!

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Completed Project: Kawaii Cactus

Another fly by post just to keep this whoooole thing up-to-date – making progress on a whole bunch of projects at the moment (need to keep up momentum) but this is a lovely little kawaii cactus I made for my friend Charmander at work.

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Completed Project: FFXII Fran Embroidery

Hi all! Once again, a huge thanks for putting up with my sporadic blog entries on this formal blog – I had originally posted this Fran / FFXII design on Tumblr and social media as a quick post (because I wanted to post it the day that the FFXII TZA was released in celebration) and it has done… so well. Absolutely insanely well, I can’t even handle it haha. Thank you everyone for being so kind and all the lovely kind words you’ve had to say.

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Completed Project: D.Va (Overwatch) Symbol

Hi All! Again, another sporadic and late update from myself; apologies! I have just been focusing on myself for a bit – ensuring I split my work time, my stream time and my personal time in a way that doesn’t leave me exhausted. We all need to look after ourselves sometime ๐Ÿ™‚ย (This was also supposed to schedule post forย two weeks ago but I didn’t set it up properly. Oops)ย 

Anyway, I’ve still been stitching away – primarily on the West Highland White Terrier kit for my mum – but also on a few little projects. This blog update is to pay homage to and love for this D.Va Symbol (from Overwatch) which I made for the lovely Kintinue.

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Completed Project: Sombra (Overwatch) Symbol

It’s been yet another busy few months and apologies that this is the first proper blog forย two months!ย I can’t believe I left it this long, I am so sorry!

There has been a lot going on and I took some much needed time off over Christmas, although I did do more work on my West Highland White Terrier stitch for my mum, as well as the Yoshi Island design (both of these will have updates soon!).

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