Completed Project: D.Va (Overwatch) Symbol

Hi All! Again, another sporadic and late update from myself; apologies! I have just been focusing on myself for a bit – ensuring I split my work time, my stream time and my personal time in a way that doesn’t leave me exhausted. We all need to look after ourselves sometime ūüôā¬†(This was also supposed to schedule post for¬†two weeks ago but I didn’t set it up properly. Oops)¬†

Anyway, I’ve still been stitching away – primarily on the West Highland White Terrier kit for my mum – but also on a few little projects. This blog update is to pay homage to and love for this D.Va Symbol (from Overwatch) which I made for the lovely Kintinue.

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Completed Project: Sombra (Overwatch) Symbol

It’s been yet another busy few months and apologies that this is the first proper blog for¬†two months!¬†I can’t believe I left it this long, I am so sorry!

There has been a lot going on and I took some much needed time off over Christmas, although I did do more work on my West Highland White Terrier stitch for my mum, as well as the Yoshi Island design (both of these will have updates soon!).

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#MyDMCPink & The Handmade Fair!

Hello lovely internet friends! I hope you have been having a fabulous time doing whatever it is that is keeping you busy (and hopefully some of those things are crafty!).

This past weekend I was super lucky to get to go to the Handmade Fair which was at Hampton Court Palace, an event which appears to be created by crafting queen Kirstie Allsopp. This fair was a fantastic opportunity to see the joint fundraising initiative run by DMC Creative and Pink Ribbon Foundation; our pink patch was created in earlier blogs here and we even added more inspiration here.

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Work In Progress Update – Sailor Moon Stitch-a-long!

Hi all! This is going to be the quickest of updates simply because; I’ve not had too much time to stitch this week! Also I sometimes I have little dips where I don’t fancy stitching… I fancy doing other hobbies (I’m currently reading this fascinating book called ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ by Mary Wollstonecraft which is this incredibly interesting¬†opinion piece about female rights written back in the 18th Century. It’s pretty fabulous).

So, I have done¬†a little stitching and I want to provide you all with an update. I’m participating in the 8 Bit Stitch stitch-a-long project, which is all focused on the anime Sailor Moon. I am a¬†huge fan of the anime, I’ve seen all five seasons and three movies in the original Japanese sub version about 8 times over…¬†(not sure why I wasn’t too into the manga, but I was always more anime focused than manga focused so maybe that’s why).

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